Googen Chaise lounge – reclining chair with a touch of antiquity

Googen chaise lounge is the chic of antique Rome presented in contemporary eco manner. This mahogany indoor lounge chair will be an exquisite eco gift with an antique breeze, and both modern and very practical present at the same time. Googen Chaise lounge – it is the eco glamour for a very special present that will be pleasant surprise for everyone, even a VIP.

Eco friendly Googen Chaise longue for indoor use is not only a relaxing, good-looking and durable chair as the one planed from mahogany, but it is also so simple to be folded by hands only, and so light and compact to be brought out from our eco friendly gifts boutique in one hand, and then you can proudly present this special eco chair to very special friends.

If you lay back in this relaxing Googen Chaise lounge for a moment and indulge in daydreaming you will feel its antique breath and the message travelling from times when aristocrats of ancient Rome spent their siesta time in such reclining chairs, held their feasts and charmed love goddesses in the pantheons.

Our eco gifts boutique offers Googen Chaise lounge in a compact, unassembled form, packed in an elegant attaché case. Award Googen Chaise lounge to most successful employees of the company, cheer up business partners, present it to corps diplomatique, ministers or even the President, and create a lasting impression full of appreciation. Chair-up every VIP!